about Neckpro

NeckPro, a proud Malaysian mattress, coil, and foam manufacturer par excellence. Being one of the most popular mattress brands in Malaysia, NeckPro is widely loved for its innovative sleep solutions catered to different needs and lifestyles of the fast moving market.

We are both the brand owner and manufacturer, therefore it is our nature in offering premium quality sleep solutions at factory-direct price. Over the years, we successfully wins customers’ hearts by providing comfort & value, using only excellent materials in all mattresses.

Story of NeckPro



We start to produce mattresses for international & local OEM market


Extend to have our own foam factory, now served as the main supplier to 12 countries internationally



Formed an internal testing lab to ensure all materials used are tip-top and safe


Then we thought - why not we use all the resources to create our own mattress brand? Ta-dahhh! NeckPro is born!



We hit the rock, the market is no longer satisfied with a ‘basic’ mattress


We Can't Sleep

So we invest in developing more unique materials, such as different spring metals, MASSIVE variety of foams, and CRAZY variety of fabrics. All with one thing in mind: premium quality mattress that everyone can afford•


People-Driven Design - Other than research profiles from both international & local sleepers, our product designs forever evolve according to customer feedbacks, lifestyle, and trend


"Good Neck, Good Spine,
Good Sleep,Trust NeckPro"

Neckpro's International Manufacturing Process

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