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NeckPro Aldon | Natural Latex Large Size Pillow


Organic, natural, and sustainable – These are just a few words to describe our eco-friendly Aldon Natural Latex pillows. The revolutionary material of latex rubber has a superior ability to rebound to its original form after use. This means the high elasticity works in unison with your head and neck providing constant gentle support.

Latex not only provides additional support for your head, neck, and spine but its comfort layer can help align your spine for a more restorative sleep throughout the night. It is a unique material that can also unify and balance your body harmony.


Care Instruction:
i. No need to wash the latex pillow core, It is recommended to wipe it with a wet towel and put it in a ventilated place.
ii. Keep the pillow away from direct sunlight which will cause its surface powdery.
iii. If you are allergic to protein, the natural latex pillow may not fit you.
iv. Latex products will oxidize with air after a period of use, and the color gradually turns yellow, which is normal and does not require special concern.
v. This pillow has a natural latex flavor. It is not poisonous and will not cause harm to people. Please keep it in a ventilated place for 3-5 days when you receive the latex pillow. The smell of latex pillows will disappear.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 70.5 × 13 cm

1 unit, 2 units


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